ATTENTION Anchorage Business Owners:

Here's The Perfect Solution

to Instantly Reach 10,000 Local Households

with Exclusive Distribution for Your Business and Have Guaranteed Instant Customer Visibility to Generate More Leads, Customers, and Sales…Without Spending Thousands

We know that it can be difficult for small businesses to gain exposure, especially when they don’t have a big marketing budget.

That’s why we offer an affordable way to reach thousands of local households with exclusive distribution for your business without spending thousands on traditional advertising methods like newspaper ads or billboards.

Our desire is to help small businesses grow with an awesome and effective strategy that can reach thousands in Anchorage by offering local residents the hottest deals from the best businesses in Anchorage!

Do you want your business in the hands of thousands of Anchorage residents?

Introducing Alaska Thrive’s Massive 9″ x 12″ Full-Color Mega Postcard with Powerful, Customer-Attracting, Display Ads. Our Alaska Thrive 9 × 12 co-op postcard is focused on being city-specific AND business exclusive (you are not competing with a business like yours on the same postcard) so you can expect local & immediate traffic to your business!

We are flooding your neighborhood with our Giant 9” x 12” Full-Color Direct Mail Promo Postcard & we want to feature your business on it!

Anchorage 9x12 Co-Op Postcard with Generic Ads

Why Advertise on Our Mega 9 x 12 Postcard?

Our co-op postcard is an “Attention-Grabbing, Customer Generator” delivered by the US Postal Service to 10,000 Anchorage middle-upper income-earning residents per mailing in the form of a unique, giant 9 x 12 heavyweight, high-gloss, premier quality cooperative mailing card! It is designed with small businesses in mind and has proven itself across the nation!

Your Offer will be SEEN by thousands of local families

Release a Flash Flood of New Customers in Just Days!

Will This Work for My Business?

Our co-op postcards will work for virtually any business you can think of. It all boils down to what your offer is and if it’s attractive enough for your potential customers to take action. We have found that the businesses that present the best offers get the best results.

If you are having trouble coming up with a great offer, we can help! We have dozens of high-converting offer ideas that we can provide to you for free.

How many new Customers / Clients / Patients will I get from this postcard?

That’s difficult to say. We cannot guarantee the exact number of new customers, clients, or patients you will get. What we can tell you is that it is a numbers game. Your business will have the opportunity to get in front of 10,000 households.

If you were to get a 1% conversion rate that is 100 new customers, clients, or patients for your business. We have found that the average business only needs about 2 to 5 customers to be profitable after making a small investment in our mailer.

Advertisement Schedule / How it Works:

Our Alaska Thrive 9 × 12 co-op postcard is mailed out twice a month to 10,000 homes in Anchorage. If you wish to buy an ad, then you will need to do so during the development cycle.

Development Cycle – Ads need to be purchased from the beginning to the middle of the previous month to be designed, printed, and shipped out for the following mailing cycle. Ads can be bought in advance after the development cycle for the next following mailing for your specific area.

Mailing Cycle – We mail 10,000 9 x 12 co-op postcards the first week of the month and the middle of the month. We rotate the mailing between 4 different Anchorage neighborhoods.

We do our best to make the process easy and stress-free for you. All we need is your logo, phone number, website URL, and promotional offer. We take care of the rest!

We take care of all the designing, printing, shipping, and mailing. We make sure that everything is to your liking and that your company is represented professionally.

Since there are no contracts, there are no ongoing commitments, and you will be able to continue with the service or opt out at any time.

However, please keep in mind that each major area only gets 20 ads (10 per side) on one Alaska Thrive 9 × 12 co-op postcard. It is on a first come first serve basis, with business exclusivity in mind.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you were to create a postcard like this, by yourself, it would cost you over $2,500 in postage alone! Once you add in professional design, printing, shipping, prep, and bundling for mailing, your total cost is easily over $8,000, but not with our program!

Ad spaces measure approximately 2-1/4 x 3-3/4 inches or 3-5/16 x 2-7/16 and are available @ $0.05 per piece (Remember we send out 10,000 postcards per mailing!). So, your investment for one 10,000-piece mailing is only $500 per ad space.

There are no hidden fees. Professional ad design, printing, postage, prep, and bundling for mailing are all included!



You Are Also Going to Get The Following Bonuses With Your Purchase Today:


Premium Business Listing in Our Business Directory for 1 Year

Your Premium Business Listing Includes:

Total Value: $297.00


Free 30-Day Listing on the
Alaska Thrive Deals page

The Deals Page Listing Includes:

Total Value: $197.00


Alaska Thrive Facebook Page and Instagram Account Promotion

This Promotion Includes:

Total Value: $497.00


Hey Anchorage Facebook Page and Instagram Account Promotion

This Promotion Includes:

Total Value: $497.00


Free 30-Day Listing on the
Hey Anchorage Deals page

The Deals Page Listing Includes:

Total Value: $197.00


Local Business Spotlight Interview on the Hey Anchorage Facebook Page

The Local Business Spotlight Interview Includes:

Total Value: $497.00


10% Referral Fee

We understand that business owners are always trying to stretch their advertising dollars as much as possible. We also understand that business owners network with each other. So, to make this a win, win for everyone, we’ve decided to offer a 10% referral fee to each business owner that refers another local business and that referred business must purchase an ad space.

This means that for each referral, we will give you $50.00. Ten referrals and your ad is free. Twenty referrals and you will make $500.00 plus get a free ad space.

Simply have your referral add your name in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section on the checkout page and we will pay you the total for all your referrals after all ad spaces are sold.

Total Value: $50.00 – $1,000.00

Reserve Your Spot Now

It’s time to put your business in the spotlight & be featured like a Rockstar!

Spaces are Extremely Limited and are on a First-Come First-Serve basis. Don’t let your Competitors Steal the Spotlight away from you, Reserve your Ad Space Today!

For Those Who Scroll to The Bottom of The Page, Let’s Recap What You Get:

9x12 Postcard Offer Stack

$1,000.00 Value

$297.00 Value

$197.00 Value

$497.00 Value

$497.00 Value

$197.00 Value

$497.00 Value

$1,000.00 Value

$297.00 Value

$197.00 Value

$497.00 Value

$497.00 Value

$197.00 Value

$497.00 Value

Total Value: $3,182.00

Your low, one-time investment today


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